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Let's sell some candles!

Why choose the E. D. Caylor Candle Company?

Let's start with our dedication to excellent service and fragrance.

I design fragrances based on feelings and memories. Yes, it's sentimental. I know. There's just something about the face people make when they smell a candle that takes them back to their childhood. It's a raw moment, and I chase it every day.

My fragrances start as accurate renditions of memories - like playing under the lilac bushes - then I add some artistic flair that makes them smell familiar while still being unmatched by other candle companies. You'll get to read more about this below.

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How does it work out for our customers?


Eureka Garden and Floral can barely keep them in stock!

Back in July 2021, we took on Eureka Garden and Floral. Marsha had a bunch of candles priced from $10 to $22, and she expressed frustration that she wasn't selling many of them and didn't really enjoy the way they smelled either.

They followed our suggestions:

  • They simplified their offerings to three price points,
  • They increased their least expensive candles to $20 and their highest price to $49,
  • Their top two price points are from the same candle company, and
  • They sell a product that they believe in.

These suggestions made it easier for their consumers to make a buying decision. Now when customers walk into Eureka Garden and Floral, they gladly go to smell the high-end locally made candles.

Marsha consistently sells our mid-range, $35 candles in Eureka, Kansas and has had to reorder four more times.

Here the ladies are holding the gifts I brought them back in January!


"What's in this? I swear I've smelled this before."

Last August, I ran into John, the owner of Whiskey Dicks Bar & Grill, home to one of Wichita's largest whiskey selections. Shortly after being introduced, he said, "You make candles? I want a candle line made for my bar, Whiskey Dicks. Can you make one that smells like whiskey?" I smiled and replied, "Of course I can, but I won't." He then tried, "Can you make one that smells like cigars?" and I gave him the same response.

"Well what will you do?"

"I'll make you a candle that smells like the room you should drink whiskey and smoke cigars in. I'll make you a candle that smells like a memory."

A month later, I walked in with a scent to show him. "What's in this? I swear I've smelled this before."

John has ordered 60 candles since then.

The End Consumer Loves Us Too!

Don't just take it from me, here's their words!

These are reviews taken straight off of Google and Facebook! Specific fragrance reviews can be found on the product's retail page.


I'm Ethan Caylor, and I created E. D. Caylor to spread light.

I founded the E. D. Caylor Candle Company in 2018 because I realized I had never seen a person walk into a candle store angrily, smell candles angrily, and leave a candle store angrily. Candles spread joy to the people around them, and I want to be a source of joy beyond just my community.

In pursuit of this goal, I took a sabbatical in Paris to improve my craft, and I came back with mentorship, a wealth of knowledge about fragrance, and - most importantly - a solid vision for what I want my company to become. I want not only to make candles, but I want to create a business that exceeds the expectations that consumers have for their practices and products.

For that reason, I make all candles with a sustainable coco-soy wax blend and a pure cotton wick for a clean burn and strong fragrance. My scents are inspired by stories, memories, and the simple pleasures sprinkled throughout life.

In line with my purpose to light up faces across the world, I donate at least 10% of revenue to non-profits for youth and for human-trafficking victims via monetary and in-kind donations.

Please join me in spreading light.